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This blog is expressly directed to readers who do not have strong training or backgrounds in science, with the intent of helping them grasp the underpinnings of this important issue. I'm going to present an ongoing series of posts that will develop various aspects of the science of global warming, its causes and possible methods for minimizing its advance and overcoming at least partially its detrimental effects.

Each post will begin with a capsule summary. It will then proceed with captioned sections to amplify and justify the statements and conclusions of the summary. I'll present images and tables where helpful to develop a point, since "a picture is worth a thousand words".


YouTube videos showing tutorial presentations.

Our Invisible Energy. Pictorial tutorial on fossil fuels, carbon dioxide, and how it is that our energy use is out of sight and out of mind. Cartoons, diagrams and images are used to bring our energy usage to the fore.

Light and Heat - The Greenhouse Effect.  This video gives a pictorial explanation of the greenhouse effect.  Gases such as carbon dioxide that absorb heat, then re-emit it, serve as greenhouse gases.  The notion of a one-way Carbon Arrow flowing from fossil fuels in the earth to extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is set out.  Additionally a Carbon Dioxide Bathtub is a good model for the accumulation of extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Fossil Fuels and Global Warming.  This video examines the relationship between fossil fuel use, carbon dioxide increase, and increased long-term global average temperature.  Measurements show that CO2 is increasing, global termperature is increasing, and that extraction of fossil fuels from the earth for energy are the cause of the increased CO2 and temperature.

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