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This blog is expressly directed to readers who do not have strong training or backgrounds in science, with the intent of helping them grasp the underpinnings of this important issue. I'm going to present an ongoing series of posts that will develop various aspects of the science of global warming, its causes and possible methods for minimizing its advance and overcoming at least partially its detrimental effects.

Each post will begin with a capsule summary. It will then proceed with captioned sections to amplify and justify the statements and conclusions of the summary. I'll present images and tables where helpful to develop a point, since "a picture is worth a thousand words".

Post Titles by Topic

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Foundations of Climate Science: Scientific Endeavor Before the Age of Politics 08/01/17

Scientific Underpinnings of Modern Medicine –Vaccination 07/15/17
Scientific Underpinnings of Modern Medicine – DNA, Cancer and Immunotherapy 07/12/17

U. S. Issues and Policies
We All Feel the Increasing Impacts of Global Warming 07/12/19
Our Children: The Climate Activists We Need! 04/30/19

New Storage Technologies for Renewable Energy 10/02/18


Our Children: The Climate Activists We Need! 04/30/19
Removing  Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere 04/12/19
How Do We Answer Our Children? 03/16/19
Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Continue Increasing 12/07/18
Faster Ocean Warming Means We Need Net Zero Emissions Sooner 11/06/18

IPCC Report on Global Warming Warns of Need for Immediate Action 10/09/18

Extreme Rainfall with Flooding in the U. S. South 08/30/17

The Earth Continues Warming:  The Fourth National Climate Assessment Draft Report 08/15/17

The Centennial Celebration of the Paris Agreement Arrives 99 Years Early 04/07/17

Open Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump on Global Warming 12/05/16

The Will to Change: Private Enterprises Reduce Their Emissions 08/24/16

The Will to Change: Oil Companies Should Embrace Renewable Energy 08/11/16

Shipping Coal Abroad Is Banned by Oakland, California 06/29/16

Essentially All Climate Scientists Agree: Man-Made Global Warming is Real 04/29/16

Attribution of Extreme Events to Global Warming 03/17/16

The Centennial Commemoration of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. II. 03/04/16

The Centennial Commemoration of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement 02/20/16
A Global Agreement on Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions 01/21/16

The December 2015 Paris Conference on Global Warming 11/14/15

A World-wide Climate Agreement by the End of 2015 10/08/15

Pope Francis Urges Action on Climate in His U. S. Visit 09/28/15

Beirut’s Garbage Crisis Mirrors Our Planet’s Global Warming Crisis 09/02/15

President Obama Says Global Warming Harms U. S. National Security 05/27/15

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